Dr. Michael Hilton, M.D.

Dr. Michael Hilton obtained his medical degree from the University of Alabama, Birmingham in 1984. He completed his residency in General Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1989, and then completed a Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Maryland in 1990.

Since 1990, Dr. Hilton has been in the private practice of General and Forensic Psychiatry in Atlanta, Georgia. He treats a wide range of adult psychiatric conditions, including affective disorders, anxiety conditions, stress reactions, substance abuse disorders, chronic pain conditions and work injury related psychiatric problems.

Dr. Hilton’s forensic practice involves a variety of medical-legal consultations. He performs worker’s compensation IME’s, personal injury examinations in civil settings, guardianship examinations, return-to-work and disability assessments, child custody evaluations, and criminal assessments to address issues of insanity, competency, mitigation, and pre-sentencing recommendations. Dr. Hilton has performed examinations and or given expert testimony in several State and Federal jurisdictions, and other countries.

Richard L. Duhe, M.A. Counseling, L.P.C.

Mr. Duhe is a Georgia Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), providing mental health therapy under the direction of Dr. Michael C. Hilton, M.D., Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

Mr. Duhe received a Master's in Human Development Counseling degree from the University of Illinois, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ministries from Ozark Christian College. He has worked inpatient and outpatient mental health settings treating adults, as well as community-based group homes for disabled children and adolescents.

Mr. Duhe is a former Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) and Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS), providing return-to-work services for injured employees. He served as a volunteer Chairperson of the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Chairman's Advisory Council, Rehabilitation and Managed Care Committee from July 2009 to July 2012, and as a volunteer committee member from July 1996 to July 2012. Mr. Duhe has volunteered with Kids’ Chance of Georgia as their Delegate Representative to Kids’ Chance of America Council of States, since 2018.

Mr. Duhe works with individuals and couples who are experiencing anxiety, depression, fear, grief, healthcare changes, low self-esteem, stress, PTSD, trauma, and work-life career transitions. His collaborative patient treatment plan approach draws from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Narrative Therapy, and The Gottman Method Therapy. Mr. Duhe would consider it a privilege to assist you on your unique journey, while gaining new hope for returning to work or a successful life-stage transition.

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